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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mob Torches Dozens of Pakistani Christian Homes - ABC News

Two items this horrible and insane tragedy demonstrates:

1) Pakistan's endless cycle of communal violence will never stop until
people are educated, the country is lifted out of poverty and
religious leaders forcefully speak out against these crimes.

2) There are always good people in this world

"The scene was chaotic. An Associated Press reporter said roughly 150
homes were torched. One man was seen carrying a dog and some puppies
from a burning house. Refrigerators, washing and sewing machines,
cooking pots, beds and other household goods were ripped from homes,
smashed and burned in the streets.

One Christian couple from the neighborhood said they went to their
Muslim neighbors' house on Friday night after people came looking for
the Christian man accused of blasphemy. Ishaq Masih said the Muslim
neighbors sheltered the couple for the night and then gave them money
to leave the area in the morning."

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Welcome refuge for India's widows

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Friday, March 8, 2013

BBC News - Vagina Monologues challenges India's taboos

As the debate around the Delhi rape case has demonstrated, India is still a conservative country where sex is rarely discussed in the open. But, for the past 10 years, the Indian version of the worldwide play, The Vagina Monologues, has been trying to challenge some of those taboos. Rajini Vaidyanathan reports from Mumbai.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

BBC News - Getting away from 'the world' Hutterite-style

Groups who leave society and live in isolation has always fascinated
me. Here's a story about a group called the Hutterites.

"There are 500 similar "colonies" across Canada and in the American
states of North and South Dakota, home to a total of 50,000

Hutterites are an Anabaptist sect, founded by Austrian preacher Jakob
Hutter, in the 16th Century. They fled to North America in the 19th
Century to avoid persecution, but many Hutterites still speak with a
heavy German accent and they mostly talk and pray in a German

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Valentine's Day Across the Muslim World (2012)