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Thursday, June 6, 2013

BBC News - Al-Rahma Islamic Centre destroyed in 'hate crime' fire

"Muslims have been physically attacked, mosques burnt down, cemeteries vandalised and social media is full of anti-Muslim hatred and violent threats towards Muslims.

"More needs to be done to protect the Muslim community."

Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: "There is no place in an open, tolerant and diverse city like London for hate, for prejudice, for violence."

He added: "Londoners will see this for what it is - cowardly, pathetic and utterly pointless."

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Including LGBTQ Voices in Interfaith Work

Rabbis, Sheikhs, Kadis, Imams and Priests Say No to Domestic Violence

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Turkey's Hadith Project: Diyanet Presents Prophet's Sayings For The 21st Century

Turkey Hadith Project
Hakki Unal, a professor at Ankara University's Divinity School and head of the government-backed Hadith reform project, says the initiative is an attempt to clarify the meaning of Islam in modern society. (Photo by Dion Nissenbaum/MCT/MCT via Getty Images)

Valentine's Day Across the Muslim World (2012)